COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Summers in the south are all about heat, humidity and air quality. The summer can be good to enjoy outdoor activities, but it can wreak havoc for patients with lung disease. At Altus Hospice we can help!

We Can Provide

• Symptom management to control anxiety from shortness of breath.
• Symptom management when medications are no longer effective.
• Frequent assessment and education about medications.
• Team approach which includes a nurse, hospice aide, chaplain and social worker.
• Support for emotional, physical and spiritual needs.


Indicators that hospice may be appropriate

• Shortness of breath, even at rest.
• Weakness and/or fatigue.
• Decreased ability to perform normal tasks due to fatigue and shortness of breath.
• Cough with or without thick mucus.
• Weight loss.


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