End-stage cancer that is a category 5 is generally unresponsive to standard therapy and includes metastasis.

1. Clinical findings of malignancy with widespread, aggressive or progressive disease as evidenced by increasing symptoms, worsening lab values and/or evidence of metastatic disease

2. Increased pain and/or symptoms

3. Multiple trips to the hospital for symptom management

4. Multiple calls to the physician’s office to adjust medication for pain management

5. Metastasis and/or stage 3 or 4 cancer

6. Toxicity of treatments outweighs benefits

7. Terminal prognosis with only a few treatments left

8. Curative treatment is ineffective and/or is negatively impacting patient’s quality of life

9. Palliative Performance Scale is equal to or less than 70%

10. Cachexia or weight loss of 5% during the past 3 months

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