Altus Is Privileged to Offer the Care You Need

The Altus team is available around the clock to deliver sophisticated symptom relief and ensure the patient’s comfort. Whether it’s a medical solution, a helping hand or a listening ear, the Altus Hospice team is well equipped to meet any need our patients may have.

Each team member shares the value and understands the importance of making this process as pain free as possible. That’s why we have a diverse team of experienced professionals to offer a broad range of services.

At Altus Hospice We Offer Four Levels of Care

Routine Home Care

  • Nurse visits
  • Certified nurse aide visits to assist with personal care
  • Physician and nurse on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Social worker assists with community resources, mobilizing support and counseling
  • Chaplain provides faith-based spiritual support
  • Volunteers visit or provide caregiver breaks
  • Speech, physical and occupational therapists available as needed
  • Counseling services — spiritual and dietary therapy
  • Homemaker visits
  • Bereavement Services

General Inpatient Care

  • Temporary inpatient care in a hospital or care facility, when necessary, to treat pain or other acute symptoms, when routine home care or continuous care is not sufficient
  • A team member coordinates care with hospital staff
  • Aimed at making the patient comfortable then transitioning back to home setting
  • Includes daily visits by a team member to ensure services are provided according to hospice plan of care

Respite Care

  • Allows for the patient to be placed in an inpatient setting for up to five days to give family/caregiver relief and prevent caregiver fatigue
  • Hospice will coordinate care with inpatient team to ensure continuity of care

Continuous Care

  • One-on-one nurse and nurse aide care provided in the home setting during brief periods of crisis for pain control and acute symptom management

What We’re All About

We truly aim to be highly professional yet compassionately personal, and it is this desire that gives us direction, motivation and energy to serve with purpose, honor and dignity.

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I am very thankful for the special care you gave my son. The nurses that cared for him were very attentive, day and night, taking care that he would not suffer so much from the pain of his complications and keeping him comfortable. God bless.


I could not have made it taking care of my husband without Altus Hospice. I will always be so grateful to every one of them.


Having been in and out of hospitals during my lifetime I have always been disappointed with the personnel. Now that I am in hospice, they have turned my smile into sunshine.


Thank you so very much, and if she could, she would say the same …


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