The Power to Change Lives

Share your time with the Altus community

You can make an indescribable difference in someone’s life and in your community. Be the personal touch that people need as they go through one of the hardest, most emotionally draining times of their lives. Your presence can make this an unforgettable experience, not only for you, but for the family and friends of Altus patients.

At Altus, we invest in our volunteers. If you are interested in serving, we’d appreciate the opportunity to talk with you personally. All volunteers will be given a background screening, orientation and specialized training to equip you for your position. We will also offer ongoing training and support to help you grow the gifts you share with our patients.

Direct Patient Care

Companionship Support

Spend quality time with patients and/or their caregivers. You can provide simple but much-needed support just by talking, reading, listening to music or helping celebrate holidays and special occasions with patients.

Caregiver Relief

Sit with the patient to provide a bit of respite for the caregiver(s). This gives the caregiver a chance to get some fresh air and attend church, go to an appointment, run errands, or maybe just take a nap, so they can be refreshed for their most important job.

Household Helper

Assist the patient and caregiver around the house by running errands, preparing light meals, doing light housekeeping, cut the grass, care for plants, feed or walk pets, or other practical tasks.

Bereavement Support

Bereavement volunteers offer mental and emotional support to family members both before and after the death through visits, correspondence, phone calls and participation in the bereavement support groups and memorial services.

Indirect Patient Care

Administrative Support

Assist the staff of Altus Hospice with filing, copying, data entry, answering phones, creating packets and other organizational tasks as needed. Helping the office function more smoothly enables the staff to serve more efficiently.

Speaker Bureau

Raise awareness of our program by sharing the Altus Hospice mission and message with schools, churches, health fairs and other community groups. The more people know, the more they care.

Special Events

Aid in the planning of important events such as memorial services, caregiver support groups, bereavement support groups, family nights and more.

Correspondence Team

Help create or write encouraging cards and letters to our patients and their caregivers.